Wyoming Archery Deer  (6 days)

September 1st-30th

All archery hunts are ran on the Bighorn Mountains. Deer hunts begin the first day of September and run to the 15th of September. Spot and stalk method of hunting is utilized. The high elevation sage brush bowls and timbered canyons supply ample cover to approach high country bucks within bow range.


Wyoming Early Rifle Deer (5 days)

October 1st-14th

Early season deer and antelope hunts take place to the east of Sheridan, WY. The terrain is broken up gumbo-clay draws, many of which have junipers and hardwoods in the bottoms. Spot and stalk is the method of hunting. These hunts are 2-on-1. Accommodations will include either staying in the nearest town at a hotel or modern home.


Wyoming Pronghorn Antelope(5 days)

October 1st-November 15th

An estimated 400,000 Pronghorn, roughly half of the worlds population, are resident to Wyoming. Our antelope hunts occur predominately on private lands to eliminate competition with other hunters and ensure you the best chance at harvesting a trophy antelope.


Wyoming Mid Season Trophy Deer (5 days)

October 15th-31st

The foot of the Big Horn Mountains is the setting for this amazing trophy deer hunt. These hunts are also 2-on-1. Most years, the mule deer rut is just beginning to bring out those larger bucks that have been in seclusion for the better part of the year. The abundant food supply and heavy cover produce some of the largest mule deer in Wyoming.


Wyoming Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt (5 days)

November 1st-31st

Rut-crazed whitetail bucks are the target of this hunt that takes place in the foothills of the Bighorns. Hunts are 1-on-1. Whitetail bucks range in score from 140 to 160 B&C.


Wyoming Mountain Lion Hunts (5 days)

December and January

Hunts conducted on private ranches and National Forest lands in the Bighorn Mountains. Trophy toms are the target. The best hounds in the business ensure success.




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